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Join the Celebr8-tion and find out how we’re changing the photo-sharing game. Try our demo below to see how easy and fast it is to create highlight reels of your or your group’s events that you’ll treasure forever!


The best pictures of you are on someone else's phone !

We’ve all seen those great candid shots of us on someone else’s phone, but they often just never share the pic. Celebr8 – shared memories makes it easy for all your friends and family to share and gather files—no matter the device—allowing you to get your best shots and them to get theirs! We even take care of reminding those stragglers automatically, so you don’t have to. It’s just one more way we save you time!

Who’s got time to organize the thousands of pictures and videos on their phone?

  • No more endless hours spent gathering files, filling in metadata, or editing in costly movie software packages. Celebr8’s Patent Pending intelligent video engine does all the work for you!
  • Organize photos and produce professional MemoReelsTM in just a few taps, all from your phone or our new Web app!
  • Don’t need photos from others? No problem! Celebr8 – shared memories makes organizing files from all your individual devices simple as well.

We know your privacy matters!

  • Your events are protected with two-factor authentication and internal code.
  • All servers are US-based AWS servers.
  • We keep no session usage logs of what you do online, and we do not log metadata that can compromise your privacy.

We offer cross-platform sharing !

Whether you’re creating individually, gathering files from friends, or sharing reels with family, we’ve got you covered. Files can easily be added to events from both Apple and Android phones directly, or from any other digital device, such as a GoPro, via our Web app. And when your movie is generated, you choose how to share with the people who care (e.g. Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn...).


Download it now !

Save yourself time and money AND get that high-quality reel you can enjoy again and again!

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