We provide you with all the tools you need to get started !

Celebr8 gives you all the tools you need to organize and share images, without the hassle of typical photo management apps. It packs an intelligent engine for quick, accurate photo sharing and group highlight reels.

  • Simple Event Creation
  • Fresh user experience
  • Easily invite friends and family
  • Available on Android and iOS

Create your event

Select a category of event and add a few easy to enter attributes about your event. You’ll be up and going in less than a minute!


Invite your friends
and loved ones

Add a message and select friends and family from your contacts so they can add photos and videos. Celebr8 takes it from there sending invitations and reminders to upload content.


Upload your favorite moments

You set the length of the event with the Sharing timer duration. You, friends, and family can upload content until the timer hits zero! Then our Patent Pending intelligent video engine takes over and builds your custom MemoReelTM.


Enjoy watching your MemoReel !

Spend less time sorting your photos and more time enjoying them. It’s fast and simple !


Share or don't ,
You decide !

Everyone invited will have access to the MemoReelTM as soon as it’s made, but if you want share to social media with just a few taps, you decide!

See for Yourself with our brief Demo !

Want to see firsthand how our technology works? Our interactive demo allows you to try out our features and see the magic in action.


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